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Star Trek: The Exhibition

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Being a self-professed Trekkie, I was crazily excited ( to say the least) when I read about Star Trek: The Exhibition being showcased right here in Malaysia!! Currently on-going from 13 Dec 2012 till 31 Mar 2013 at the National Science Centre, it is something I simply cannot miss! šŸ˜›

Star Trekā„¢: The ExhibitionĀ is the largest collection of authenticStar TrekĀ artifacts and information ever put on public display. A truly impressive array of exhibits featuring sets, costumes, priceless museum pieces and props from all fiveĀ Star Trektelevision series and 11Ā Star TrekĀ feature films, including the 2009Ā  blockbuster film directed by J.J. Abrams. Together these components offerĀ Star TrekĀ fans and novices alike an opportunity to experience first-hand the imagination, artistry, technology and meticulous craftsmanship that have madeĀ Star TrekĀ the most enduring science-fiction franchise in history.Ā (source:Ā http://startrek.emsexhibits.com/about-the-exhibit/)

After plotting out my calendar, I decided to take two of my older children to experience Star Trek first hand through this exhibition on 27 Dec, right after our Christmas break. So I did go in with high expectations of a full Star Trek immersion experience, but unfortunately I came out feeling as if the exhibition should have been titled Star Trek: The Ferengi Exhibition instead…

Having paid RM20 (adult) and RM10 (child) tickets, I was disappointed that cameras were not allowed in the exhibition. Instead we were given a piece of paper that promotes three specific locations where we could get a photo-op of the Exhibition..

The above card was supposed to be a lanyard which we could keep as a souvenir later, but since it didn’t come with any neckstraps, mine ended up slightly crumpled in my jeans pocket. šŸ˜›

These were the three ‘exclusive’ photos which we took at the exhibit:

Kirk’s Chair
The Bridge
Transporter Room

Although the exhibition did showcase almost the entire history of Star Trek, its artifacts, costumes, starships, history wall, etc. pretty comprehensively, I walked through the entire exhibit with a niggling feeling that the entire exhibition wasn’t quite as interactive as I had hoped it to be.

Even when we reached the end of the hall, there was a miserable collection of Star Trek merchandise for sale, which I felt was such a put off! Even the processing speed for our 3 exclusive photos was definitely NOT at Warp speed as we had to wait more than 30 minutes to get our photos. I seriously do not know how they will manage the crowd during weekends…

Anyway, since I love Star Trek, I will not only gripe about it but offer some suggestions for improvement for such exhibitions in the future:

1. The entire exhibit feels so old school. Whilst it may have entertained people from a decade ago, may I remind that the world is already quiteĀ technologicallyĀ advanced now and thus the exhibit should be made more hands on and interactive.

2. Have fully functioning turbo-lifts to access certain decks or quarters.

3. Don’t just display Klingon high thrones without allowing us to sit on it?! Sigh.

4. Hands on or interactive game using the Kahless Blade; or Starfleet phasers.

5. Have a better range of Star Trek merchandise for the public. Heck, even the collection of Trek books or movies should also be on sale here!

6. Holodeck? hello?!!

7. A simulation of the Replicator would have been a nice touch. We don’t expect the REAL food to be produced, but I’m pretty sure a simple voice search for teh described food can be displayed in visual form (as a start!)

8. 4D ride on the Enterprise Bridge…complete with flares lights! šŸ˜›

9. Hands on try out of the communicator. It’s just an enhancement of our walkie talkie today! I’m sure this could be re-produced right?

10. Virtual trying on of Star Trek costumes/uniforms – with pictures too, of course.

11. Real-life working universal translator to say translate English to Klingon! That would be way cool! šŸ˜€

12. It would be nice to also walk through various significant areas of the Enterprise like the Sickbay, Ready Room, Engineering, etc.

13. The Star Trek classic pinball machine should be here too!

14. Having a huge map of the Trek galaxy complete with all the known quadrants would be good. :-)

15. Have a replica of Quark’s bar where we can have a ‘taste’ of Romulan ale or some classic Earl Grey…:-D

Sigh….anyway, guess I can’t expect much for a RM20 entrance ticket. Great exhibition overall, but could have been better if it was more interactive:-D