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Parenting Tip: The Washing Machine Canvas

If you have kids around the house, I’d bet your fridge is completely covered with their photos, paintings, bills, important phone numbers, newspaper clippings, other works of art, etc. :-)

It’s completely understandable. After all, the fridge is one of the biggest household appliances in the house, giving it maximum visibility to put up such family stuff for all to see. In addition, the fridge’s natural magnetic properties on its outside makes it even more perfect to stick those things easily with just a piece of fridge magnet, art magnet, or heck, even a doodle board stamper!

Problem is, no matter how big your fridge is, you would eventually find yourself short of space. So what do you do then?

Unknown to many people, there is another big household appliance that also has these ‘magical’ magnetic properties….the washing machine!

Why many people do not stick stuff on their washing machine still eludes me, but so if you ever find yourself running out of fridge space, you may want to consider using the washing machine too! Works just as well too!


Parenting Tip: Introducing Left and Right

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Do you encounter any difficulties teaching your child the right from the left? Err..as in the directions, I mean…:-P

If you do, or if you have not started, you may want to try out this self-developed method:

1. Teach your kid the ABCs…especially the letter ‘L’

2. Ask your kid to hold out his palms (face down), like the image above.

3. Ask your kid which hand has produced the letter ‘L’, or shaped like ‘L’?

4. Explain to your kid that L that typically stands for Light, Lamp, Lion, etc…also stands for LEFT!

5. So, the hand (palm) that makes the ‘L’ sign is naturally the LEFT hand!

6. Once the LEFT side has been figured out, it would be easy to figure out that the other hand/side would be the RIGHT side, etc.

Simple and effective, no?