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Another Papaya Passeth…


Yeah, I know papaya trees come and go but seeing this one die was quite sad. Probably because it had been our best papaya performer thus far. I sure enjoyed the fruits it produced. And I’m sure so did the other garden rodents and snails and bats or any other things that it attracted. 😀

So, how did it die? I have absolutely no clue. Yup, I was one of those who forgot to sign up for Papayaism 101 in university…

Too little water? Couldn’t be. It had been pouring for weeks!

Too much water? Couldn’t be. When the sun did come out, it was scorching!

Too little fertilizer? Couldn’t be. I have dogs roaming in the garden that would have probably made the tree a personal toilet.

Hmmmm…perhaps I didn’t talk to it often enough. Heh.

Anyway, it is always uplifting to see new things bloom in my garden when one passes on….

A new leaf emerges...

When a Papaya Ponders…


“How long do I need to hang here?”

“Will I grow any bigger?”

“Sigh…I just realised it’s quite scarily high from here I’m hanging!”

“Damnit…the snail is here again..”

“Can’t we get any air-cond out here?!”

“Ahhh…here comes the dog again, providing nutrients to our roots…”

“I wonder how they gonna pluck me when I’m ripe?”

“Hey, why did some of them get designer newspaper wraps?!”

“Sigh….can’t our leaves function more like an umbrella when it rains?!”

The Papaya Project

Finally! After much anticipation and months of waiting, we managed to ‘rescue’ one of our papayas that is already ripe from being feasted along. And boy oh boy, did it taste really good!

Here is the photoblog detailing this yummy occasion we are still savoring for more to come! Yay!

The papaya ripeth..
Collin helps to pluck it down from the tree..


A peek as to what is inside...
Papa dish is served!