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10 Management Lessons I Learnt from Despicable Me 2

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1. Be willing to embarrass yourself and be laughed at sometimes – all for the sake of making your project a success. The fairy princess moment in the movie is a perfect example. :-)

2. Always know your subordinates by their names. Although Gru has millions of minions working for him, he somehow manages to identify each one of them by their names! Incredible!

3. Be open enough to received feedback (and even instructions) from your subordinates. The row boat scene was a classic. Loved it! 😀

4. Make your team feel like FAMILY. This was apparently one of Gru’s management strengths – his ‘family-like’ worklife principal was evidently highlighted in a very important turning point of the movie.

5. Be bold enough to empower your subordinates. Believe you me, if I had these minions working under me, I would have found it difficult to trust them to carry out important tasks. Not Gru! He willingly entrusted his minions on critical assignments too. The getaway scene in Paradise Mall is a clear example.

6. Efficient delegation of work. Almost all minions we see on the show had some specific task to do, like the maid, fireman, cleaner, yes, even the siren..:-p There was so supervision and every minion carried out their tasks happily!

7. Fun + Work DOES mix! I loved the scenes inside Gru’s lab where all the minions were seen to be cohesively (well, most of the time anyway) working together on some production line; and also another scene in the same lab where these same workers were partying!

8. Always be ready and willing to get down to the subordinate level and work with them on specific projects. Gru never assigned his minions on those important missions without he himself backing them up. Great leadership!

9. Never reveal your business plans to any stranger, especially if your plan is already in its final stages of implementation. Yet another typical flaw of movie villains…

10.  It IS a big thing to celebrate successes TOGETHER, get feedback on your products TOGETHER and also bid farewell to employees leaving TOGETHER. Yet another trademark of Gru’s management – inspiring loyalty and dedication from his workers!

What did YOU pick up from Despicable Me 2? 😀