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LOST in Thoughts…

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There are two kinds of people in the world. One that never liked Lost and never understood it. And one that liked Lost and still never understood it.

Although it has been approximately a year since Lost aired its series finale, it is still lingering in my thoughts because I have only just managed to complete the sixth and final season a couple of months back. I still cannot believe that the series is already over. After following this incredible series for 5 solid seasons, I passionately watched the final season with mixed reactions, knowing that it is the last season. Oh well, all good things must come to and end someday…

The question that begs an answer from all Losties after the final season is…”So, was the ending worth the ride?”

Whilst I firmly belong  to the category of people who loved Lost but never really understood it, I have to say that I was remarkably surprised with the ending. It wasn’t quite the ending that everyone would have wanted, but weeks after I watched it (and again and again..), I began to realised how GOOD the ending really was.

The finale of Season 5 had set the tone for an exciting final Season 6, which many people had hoped would bring more answers and less questions. So, did Season 6 give us all the answers? Well, I would say…YES…and NO. It is Lost, after all, so I had already expected half-answers too. Hah!

Anyway, these are some of the answers or revelations that unravelled in Season 6. Since some of them are SPOILERS, kindly highlight the portions below to see my content:

1. Did LOST finally answer the No. 1 question everybody wanted to know?…ie. Charlie’s question at the end of S1 referring to the mysterious island – “Where the hell are we?”. Nope. It didn’t. But it did answer what the island was NOT. And strangely, it was good enough for me. :-)

2. Lost started with plenty of wonderful flashbacks of their main characters that helped the viewers become more engaged as these characters were revealed more and more. The at the end of S4, we were introduced to the first ever flashforward, which was then used quite remarkably throughout S5. In S6, we were surprised once again, this time with what most Losties would call flash sideways. All through the final season, we would see stories unravel seemingly in parallel with each other – one with the main cast on the island, and the other with the main cast safely arriving in LAX, as if the crash in the very first episode of S1 never happened..this was finally explained in the final moments of the series finale – all events that happened on the island was REAL. The best theory about the island being purgatory was partially right. I liked the way how the writers spun this around to eventually reveal the events that took place off the island in S6 was purgatory instead – a place where people who have died waited before they are taken to another place. So, it was explained that all the main characters on Oceanic 815 ‘made’ up this place so that they could meet up and remember their past lives, histories, friendship, love, etc. that they had with each other on the island. Truly touching , indeed.

3. Which meant the flash sideways were NOT actually flash sideways but some period of time much later than the present ‘drama’ on the island when all the characters had already died. Nicely done twist. :-) Confused yet? :-p

3. The intriguing black smoke monster was finally revealed to be the ‘just as mysterious’ Man in Black. Apparently he could take the form of people who have died on the island. Looks like it only works on one body at a time though, because he seemed to be stuck in Locke’s form since Locke’s death.

4. S6 also revealed to us how the ‘ageless’ Richard came to be on the island (one of the better episodes of this season), and how he was ‘touched’ by Jacob. It was also nice to see how happy Richard looked when he discovered his first grey hair later on…:-D

5. There was also that strange episode that tried to explain the beginnings of Jacob and the MIB. Not quite nicely done since it still left many unanswered bit here. What were their ‘rules’? How did ‘mother’ made sure they couldn’t kill one another?

6. The series title LOST was also explained as how Jacob called the characters to the island because at some point of their lives, they were all ‘lost’. And that was the similarity between all the people on the plane.

7.  It was also interesting to see how their lives would have been had the crash not happened – as it unfolded, it seemed like eventually they would all cross paths eventually too. Nice idea to explore here, especially Losties who have grown to know and love these characters. I found myself analysing further to see how much a lot of these characters would have missed had they NOT crashed on the island.

8. I also liked the way the entire series ended – with the close up eye view of the main character, Jack.


All in all, I think the series ended decently for me.It was not over the top nor did it try to explain too much. I must admit looking at how Lost started out as, it must have been quite a challenge to manufacture a perfect ending for everyone. And with that, I must tip my hats off to the excellent writers and producer for this ‘satisfactory’ ending. Thanks for SIX fantastic seasons! 😀

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