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Caterpillar on Camera

In or booming and growing (well, sort of) house garden where it has also become natural habitats to many different kinds of animals, we have come across many of them, including birds (of many kinds), snakes, rodents, biawaks, butterflies, etc.

Thus, I was rather not surprised to find this colourful little caterpillar making itself comfortable in our garden too..:-D

I found caterpillars much easier subjects to focus because they are almost always stationery and the fact that they were out sunbathing in direct bright natural light is comforting news for the lenses.

Here are some shots taken with my Nikon P500 of our caterpillar:


Macro 4mm; 1/80s; f/3.4; ISO 160


Macro 4mm; 1/40s; f/3.4; ISO 160


Aperture; Focal length 71.7mm; 1/60s; f/5.6; ISO 360

Hmmm..I wonder if these are the ones that will eventually turn into butterflies? :-\

Death of One Vine


I have to say I am rather impressed with my MIL’s knowledge and experience regarding passion fruit vines. It was through her advice that for the vines to be fruitful, we have to plant TWO vines in the garden.

Strange as it may sound, we did so and collected many a bounty over the past couple of months.

Unfortunately, late last year, one of our passion fruit vines started to dry up as if burnt up by the sun. Fruits stopped growing from it and eventually we had to remove it.

There was an almost immediate effect on the other vine too as it stopped prodcuing fruit as quickly as before.

Hmmmm…I wonder if this continues, it will just die off by itself too? Sigh.

Of Passionate Crawlers and Potato Patches

Sometimes I feel as if I blog too much about the papayas in my garden and have let my other plants down..hehe.


Apart from the blooming papaya trees, I also have some really passionate creepy crawling passion fruit tree or vine thingy. They have been actively crawling all over my backyard wires and have now started to climb along the cement walls of our neighbour! Gasp!


See how springy they are? Hehe.

It was a good thing my father in law came by the other day and helped us tie some wires across the walls where they are growing and my house terrace pillars. Hopefully this will give them some space to crawl properly ‘away’ from my neighbour’s house. Heh.



The other plant worth mentioning is the fast-growing potato patch. At first it didn’t look like it would survive amongst my garden weeds, but after 1-2 months, it has surely proven me wrong by spreading itself and covering up more and more spaces. 😀


Other future projects (already in the ground) are sunflowers…hope they can see light soon!

And with my lawnmower helping to keep everything spiffy, we are more than ready for any zombie attacks now! Ha!