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Droplets 2.0

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I must admit I am very sceptical when some free stuff comes along – especially mobile games. Usually, the gameplay would be extremely lame and boring, or some cheap low grade animations and they flash some ad at you every five minutes or so.

So when I came across this mobile game called Droplets 2.0 by Ximad, that was being offered FREE on Windows Marketplace, I gave it a try without much expectations. Ihave to say this game totally blew me away…

First of all, it must have been specially designed for WVGA screens because it simply looked gorgeous on my Omnia 2. Throw in some soothing rainforest sounds, excellent graphics of the dew droplets and smooth user interface sliding of droplets, I have to admit this could be arguably one of the best games ever designed for touch screen mobile phones.

Now the overall objective of Droplets is to ‘fling’ the droplets on the screen on one another, eliminating one after another, until in the end ONE droplet is left. Sounds easy? Think again. It can become quite challenging in the more advanced stages where more and more droplets come your way. To make it more challenging, version 2.0 comes with two additional features – an ‘Eight-ball’ droplet, where it has to be the last droplet remaining, and ‘Ladybugs’, which could be placed anywhere on the screen where it blocks the path of any droplet.

In essence, Droplets 2.0 is a strategic thinking game that challenges you to work your brains out to think several steps ahead to solve the problem. It is certainly addictive and with more than 300 levels thrown in, it will be some time before you ‘d want to change this game.

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Mobile Requirements: Touch Screen WVGA Phone, supports Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 and above

Droplets 2.0
Graphics & Soundwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Beautiful graphics and suitable rainforest sounds!
Excellent strategic thinking levels to work out your brain cells!
More than 300 challenging levels provided. May bore some people who get stuck but definitely replayable for weeks, maybe months!
Every level presents a new challenge and with introduction of the 8-ball and ladybug, things just got tougher..
Free download on Windows Marketplace!
Addictive, challenging strategic game that looks incredibly gorgeous on WVGA screens