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New Year Feast!

When we came back home after the long Chinese New Year break, we discovered that our house had a power trip! It must have happened during one of those days when we were away…couldn’t really pin point the exact day because even our neighbour said that our house was already in pitch black when they returned to KL some 2-3 days ago.

Immediately, we started to rummage the fridge to see if there was anything left to salvage…

Although the fridge was still quite ‘cool’ and not all of the ice had melted, we decided to play it safe and discard almost everything we felt was not safe for us to consume anymore…

Things like…

meatballs, chicken meat, taufoo, etc...


salami, fish, ham, etc.

In the end, we actually filled up an entire Indian pot of goodies!

yes, even some bak chang! :-P

With quick action, we put the pot to heat in a desperate attempt to keep it edible, at least for our dogs…

Don’t think I’ve ever smelt so much meat and other unknowns boiled together before…:-P

So, whilst we humans enjoyed a feast of yummy goodies over the CNY period, we sorta ensured our dogs will also usher in the Year of the Dragon with a yummy feast to last the next few days, at least..:-D

Nostalgic Canteen Food!

How many of you (adults) miss your canteen food from the good ol’ school days?

C’mon…raise your hands now….don’t be shy! With all these recent hoo-ha about the nutrion-less value of classic canteen food like nasi lemak, mee goreng, etc, it only made me miss canteen food even more! Ha!

The other day I was hanging out in a secondary school next to my church during a school day and boy oh boy did my heart skip a beat (and then some) as i took the opportunity to head to the canteen to fulfill my desire…:-p

Mmmmmm….yup, canteen food still tasted as good, regardless whichever school it come from. My curry mee only costs RM1.70, but I was rather surprised my glass of Milo (without ice) costs RM2.50! Apparently it was usually charged RM1.30 with ice, like the way most students would drink it. Hmmm..

Anyway, here’s my curry mee…yum yum!



Fish & Co.

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Seafood
Location: Sunway Pyramid (though they also have other branches around)

Specialty: Seafood (western-style) and pasta (with seafood, of course)
Average Price Range: RM 15 – 30 per person (excluding tax)

(Be forewarned that since I eat almost everything in sight, I might be the worst food critic in town. Heh.)

Tried their supposedly award winning Seafood Platter, which came with generous portions of tiger prawns, mussels, deep fried calamari, fish fillet, chips and raisin yellow rice. Though the prawn was a little bland in taste, overall, the quality of the food served was excellent. The texture of the calamari was just right, not tough and rubbery as I’ve tasted before. The mussels was just so succulent and juicy. The sweet raisin rice also went quite well with the other stuff, the fish especially. And I particularly liked the way the food came…get this, it was served in a huge wok/pan. Very unique indeed. The meal I ate also came with the soup of the day (it was Clam Chowder day) and their signature drink (tried the Kola Fizz and some Passion Fruity thingy) The soup was slightly diluted for me, but the much of the taste was retained, so no complaints. Drinks were not too fantastic, just average.

In terms of ambience, they had most of the decor right: shark here, fishing pole there, lifeboat on the wall, etc. One could choose to sit outside or inside. Both has its own appeal and the lighting gave sufficient light for an enjoyable and romantic meal.

Service in particular was not quite up to mark though. Firstly, they forgot to serve the main course with the three fishy dip sauces. Though they did try to make it up with some minties after I paid the bill, I think. And then they didn’t have anyone opening the main door as the customer left. Minor grouches I guess but I believe there should always be room for improvement.

If you love western-styled seafood, Fish & Co. is definitely a place worth checkin’ out.

Rating: ★★★★☆

(Originally posted on allandog.multiply.com)