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Parenting Tips: The Educational Remote Control

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Sometimes I am amazed by the variety of toys that can be found in toy stores. The innovation of toys must be at a near all-time high because one can easily find just about any toy to perform wonderful  things!

For example, where once wooden blocks would be used to teach kids ABCs, now, they have toys where electronic blocks of alphabets can be slotted into the accompanying electronic toy guitar which would audibly read out the alphabet. Amazing stuff! Or how about those cool electronic pens that can literally ‘read to you’ as the kid swipes it across the words on the pages of the book!

Whilst I applaud these toys, I am still a firm believer that we can still find many things around us that can be used as a toy (like an empty box..yay!) or learning tool. Today I will share of one such learning tool that doesn’t cost a bomb because it can be found in most houses.

Yes, I’m talking about the REMOTE CONTROL!

Whilst this gadget is primarily used to surf channels, increase/decrease volume, etc., I have discovered that it also doubles up as an excellent tool for teaching or introducing numbers to kids!

If the remote control was packaged as a toy, these are some highlights it would carry:

– Promotes excellent hand and eye coordination for the child!

– Outlines early foundation of numerical associations!

– Builds confidence in the child’s numerical skills!

Yeah, just check out some of these promo lines written on toy boxes one of these days…they can be quite hilarious! :-)

Anyway, coming back too the remote control..if you have kids who have more or less mastered the basic 1-10 and you would like them to associate the sound of the number to the actual number (eg. mapping the sound “ONE” to the number “1”), then the remote control is perfect for you!

Here’s how it works:

Turn on the TV and pass the remote control to your kid. Tell your kid that today’s activity is learning more about numbers! First lesson is to press…613 (for example). Then watch/coach/guide him to press those numbers. Repeat for other numbers…till the kid gets it or becomes bored.

Using teh remote control as an educational toy also allows for remote teaching. Simply do your own stuff and holler out for your kid to press a channel (eg. 613). If you can hear from afar that some Disney channel has come on, it would mean your kid has successfully pressed the right numbers! Cool, huh?

After a few more TV-bonding sessions, your kid should be able to recognise the numbers in no time!

Now, who says you need to break the bank to purchase a cool educational toy? 😀