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CNY Funnies

This morning I received a pack of the above Angpow in my mailbox from our friendly-neighbourhood Govt..

(pause for you to pick yourself up from the floor after laughing too hard looking at it…)

Of ALL the designs in the world, BN had to pick one that splashed our PM’s face on the front with the headline “The Year of the Snake”?….LOL

Whichever way you interpret it, methinks the BN Angpow designers really dug themselves in a huge snakepit this time…:-p

Worse Angpow design EVER? What do you think? 😛

Focus Friday: Moony Chap Goh Meh

Some moon shots taken with my Nikon P500 during the recent Chap Goh Meh. Weather conditions were not quite favourable with the strong winds blowing some clusters of clouds that blocked the view of the full moon every now and then. Anyway….


ISO 3200; 1/3s; f/6.3; Focal length 28.4mm


ISO 500; 1/30s; f/5.6; Focal length 38.2mm


ISO 500; 1/125s; f/5.7; Focal length 144mm


Cropped image of the previous shot..:-D

New Year Feast!

When we came back home after the long Chinese New Year break, we discovered that our house had a power trip! It must have happened during one of those days when we were away…couldn’t really pin point the exact day because even our neighbour said that our house was already in pitch black when they returned to KL some 2-3 days ago.

Immediately, we started to rummage the fridge to see if there was anything left to salvage…

Although the fridge was still quite ‘cool’ and not all of the ice had melted, we decided to play it safe and discard almost everything we felt was not safe for us to consume anymore…

Things like…

meatballs, chicken meat, taufoo, etc...


salami, fish, ham, etc.

In the end, we actually filled up an entire Indian pot of goodies!

yes, even some bak chang! :-P

With quick action, we put the pot to heat in a desperate attempt to keep it edible, at least for our dogs…

Don’t think I’ve ever smelt so much meat and other unknowns boiled together before…:-P

So, whilst we humans enjoyed a feast of yummy goodies over the CNY period, we sorta ensured our dogs will also usher in the Year of the Dragon with a yummy feast to last the next few days, at least..:-D