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Purina Alpo 2-in1 Dogfood

We humans have been enjoying these kind of products for quite some time already…3-in-1 beverages, 13-in-1 shampoos, etc…so why not dogs?!

Although the above product has been around for a few months already, I thought it’ll be good to do some promotion and awareness for other dog lovers who may not have heard of this wonderful and innovative dog food.

Product promo reads:

ALPO® 2 in 1 offers your dog delicious taste and texture variety anytime he wants! Each nutritious kibbles of ALPO® 2 in 1 is infused with mouth-watering meat juice. Serve dry for a delicious, crunchy meal. Or when it’s time for a change, just add room temperature water and stir to release the meat juices to create a delivious combination of a juicy sauce, coating each crunchy, nutritious kibble.


When I first heard of this product, I really had doubts that it was just another gimmick, but it did arouse my curiousity to just try it and see. When I first tried it, I was quite disappointed that the apparent juicy meal (when mixed with water) didn’t quite work. It was almost like putting water into a pile of pebbles!

Then one day, I poured the water into bowlful of doggie chunks but forgot to bring it out to my dogs immediately. When I took the now soggy dog food out, I realised it has turned into a real juicy and appetising looking meal! Yummy!

So, now I’ve learnt to put not so much water to mix with the chunks, and allow some time for the water to absorb into the chunks to make it more juicy. Both my dogs really love it, and the best thing is that I can now swtich from dry or juicy whenever I like! Cool huh?

My high rating for this product goes out for its innovativeness, excellent quality and satisfaction of my dogs!

Go ahead, I really do recommend that you try one today too!

RRP: Below RM 25 per 3kg pack

Rating: ★★★★★

(Originally posted on allandog.multiply.com)