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Chicken Cammed

Much as I like to shoot photos of birds with my Nikon P500, because of its delicious 36X superzoom capabilities, I had the chance to train my focus on birds of a different kind over the last weekend when I had the opportunity to get into close proximity with chickens!

Yeah, and believe you me, shooting chickens can be rather fun too, because as photo subjects, they do not fly or run too fast so it was quite a breeze to lock them into focus. And more often than not, they would appear as if they wanted to pose for you…haha.

Anyway, these are a couple of my chicken shots:






Cropping Closeness

One of the features I really like about my Nikon P500 is its ability to allow 100% cropping of any shot at its max 12 megapixels. In other words, I could crop a picture and there would be no pixelation loss. Truly remarkable.

To illustrate what I mean, here is a typical shot of a chameleon or iguana or some lizard in my garden. Yeah, thanks to the superzoom capabilities, I was able to NOT scare the subject away..he he..


Now, even after a very large zoom utilised to capture the first picture, I would then further crop the picture to get the face of the subject in closer detail, like so:


See? No pixelation loss! Great huh? Oh btw, the above photo was only shot in 5MP.

Happy zooming and clicking, everyone! 😀