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10 Things I Learnt from Euro 2012

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Being a true baby blue Argentinian supporter, I didn’t really follow Euro till I lost my sleep, came late to work, etc. In fact, all I cared about was watching in glee as Holland, England and finally Germany were sent packing home. Nothing else mattered after that, although I did feel kinda sad for our European ‘cousins’, Italy, who were trashed by Spain 0-4 in the Final last week.

Of course, not following Euro 2012 doesn’t mean there aren’t any lessons to be learnt….so, here are TEN things that I learnt from Euro 2012…

1. England still suck at taking penalties…

2. After Spain’s successful striker-less experiment, I foresee the number of job vacancies for strikers will start to diminish…

3. We should sack the fourth official and introduce video technology already!

4. The Italians are back..

5. Scoring with headers are back in fashion!

6. Being hosts does not guarantee a spot in the knock-out stages…

7. With Europe prefering head-to-head rather than goal difference, it would be best for teams to go for 1-0 wins in the future…

8. Coming off the bench does have its benefits. Just ask Fernando Torres who nicked the Golden Boot based on fewer minutes played..

9. Teams need to strategise and plan out penalty shoot-outs  properly. Portugal’s messy approach vs Spain proved their own undoing..

10. The only thing that can beat Spain right now has to be AGE. Here’s hoping two additional years of it will be enough to slow them down for Argentina to have a chance in Brazil 2014…


To Sign A Joke?

With the evolution of technology, the type of infrastructure that we see around us continues to evolve as well, at times merging and blending very well with technology to showcase marketing advertisements we can only enjoy with our jaws dropped and opened wide.

One of the more popular examples would be large and bright LED screens splashed across and around the walls of these skyscrapers. When positioned properly, they can be a real marvel to watch, like the following..

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…and then again, there are those that is quite badly positioned that it really doesn’t seem to serve any purpose at all. Rather, from a distance it looks like a joke…

…like the screen positioned on the highest possible location on the Mines 2 building….


Kinda makes you seriously wonder who their target audience is, huh? The birds? The sun? LOL