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10 Things I Hate About The Avengers

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With The Avengers well and fast on its way to become the BIGGEST MOVIE EVER, it’s only natural that every review page you turn to has been heaping praises and praises on this epic comic book caper…including my own blogful of positives for the movie.

However, since its showtimes are starting to wind down in theatres globally, I can’t help but start to reflect on some of the things I didn’t like about the movie, which I hope can be improved on to make its next few sequels even BETTER. 😛

Don’t worry….if you are one of the 100 people left in the world who have yet to watch movie, my list of 10 things I hate about The Avengers doesn’t contain any earth-shaking spoilers…enjoy!

10 Things I Hate About The Avengers

1. It’s WAY too short!

2. Chitauri? C’mon….Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battling the poor man’s Skrulls? Meh..

3. Whole movie feels like an extended version of Thor

4. Even the Frost Giants look more menacing that Loki’s army…

5. The Leviathan looks so much more scarier in the trailer…

6. All world invasions have to begin in USA. So predictable…

7. The ‘hordes of people in city running in chaos as invasion begins’ scene is SO overdone. Boring.

8. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes inspired by the death of ONE person and NOT the hundreds who died a day earlier?!!

9. No Joss Whedon cameo appearance? Sigh. Even Stan Lee appeared YET AGAIN! 😛

10. Plot was too simplistic. Was actually anticipating some freaky twist at the end…:-P