My 50th Foursquare Badge

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On 11 Jan 2011, I started a journey on this location-based app called Foursquare. I have to admit it was really addictive back then as seen in one of my earlier blogs then. I would crazily check in virtually anywhere that could be checked in, including multiple playgrounds, parks, toilets, parking lots, highways, traffic lights, etc. just so to collect virtual badges and brag about numerous mayorships all over.

Sadly, as the months flew by, my addiction to checking in started to wane more and more too. I would only check into places of specific interest or to mark some important milestone, or perhaps to collect some badge which I still don’t have.

So, it was rather  a surprise that on 16 April 2012 (affectionately called Foursquare Day), I actually managed to collect my 50th Foursquare badge, by virtue of just checking in somewhere, anywhere on that day itself! :-)

Where do I foursquare from here? How can Foursquare entice me to become addicted once more? Hmmmm.. I’m thinking how about…

– having more local partner shops to offer discounts upon checkin?

– special incentives for mayors?

– actual badges/T-shirts for certain locations?

One thought on “My 50th Foursquare Badge

  1. wah 50th badge!!!! congrats!! 😀 some places do offer discounts or freebies upon check-in. but i totally agree that more places shld offer it.

    Argentinadog: ya loh…not enough incentives to keep on checking in..:-P

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