My Garden Checklist


Things to do in the Garden (by Messi)

1. Dig a hole

2. Dig a trench

3. Bury bones

4. Play with a ball

5. Eat leaves

6. Eat grass

7. Eat passion fruit (yuck!)

8. Fight with Rotti

9. Steal Rotti’s food (nyek nyek nyek..)

10. Kill snakes (2 to date; second one was a small one and not too heroic enough to blog about it..)

11. Kill bats (1 to date)

12. Kill cockroaches (20+ to date)

13. Kill snails (10+ to date)

14. Kill rats (1 to date)

15. Catch a bird (*^&*^%&^$ they are fast and can FLY! )

16. Catch a butterfly

17. Mark territory on car tyres..

18. Splash water!

19. Bark at and scared off postman

20. Barked at and scared off garbage truck

21. Bite wired fence

22. Plant a tree

23. Found buried trasure

24. Climbed a tree

25. Catch an iguana

26. Clean the drain

27. Mow the lawn

28. Hang clothes to dry

29. Paint graffitti

30. Wash the car..

31. Escaped from house compounds (harder now because I can barely fit under the gate dy..)

Phew…so much has been done…much more to do..

…All in a days work for a dog..:-D

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