Football Fantasy La Liga: Midpoint Report

Whew! How time flies! It seemed like only yesterday that the La Liga players were involved in some strike which threatened a shut down of this season from happening.

Suddenly, we’ve already just completed Gameweek (GW) 20 of Football Fantasy:La Liga Version, which is roughly the midway point of the entire season. So I felt I needed to review and update my performance of my rookie year in FF:La Liga.

It’s of no surprise that not many of my friends have joined FF:La Liga, mainly because it is not so heavily or popularly followed in my country, compared to BPL, that is. Tsk tsk. This year, I noted there are only three (including me) from my football crazy friends who tried out their luck in FF: La Liga.

What is surprising is that after GW20, I am sitting pretty comfortable at the top from my two other friends with 922.3 points. What is even more surprising is that I am in position 1087 overall with a global ranking of 0.6%. Over 20 games, I have only managed to increase my cap by $7.5M to $157.5M.

Wow! I’m honestly pretty pleased with my team’s performance considering my knowledge of La Liga was centered around Ronaldo-Messi-Forlan before this season started. Heck, I even bought Forlan on my team to start the season! (tip: need to follow news too!):-p Probably that would explain why it was so difficult to make good punts on players who will increase in value or even make realistic match predictions to strategically place my players week in week out. Now, I could easily spew out a few more players like Corzola, Michu, Munua, etc. 😀

So, what have I learnt so far after going through 20 games in FF: La Liga?

1. Get Messi and Ronaldo on your team! Unlike BPL, La Liga is essentially a two-horse race from the beginning and arguably the world’s top two players must be on your team. A quick scan on the stats will show both of them accumulating far many points compared to other players. One of my rookie mistakes in FF:La Liga was to buy only one of them to start off the season. I soon realised my folly and worked towards getting both on my team ASAP. Never looked back since. 😛

2. I also realised the yellow and red cards are flashed more often in La Liga compared to BPL. I wonder why? Anyway, what this means is that average or cheap players would be able to contribute just as much points as the more expensive ones…in the long run of course. I still have not found a site to track and monitor all these cards and card suspensions though..

3. Just like BPL, injuries are bound to happen in La Liga as well. Currently I am using this list from Soccerfreakz to help me select players who not injured and also to monitor their injury status. Do let me know if you can find one that tells me their card suspension status, yeah?! ;-P

And that’s the mid-season wrap. Will share more tips at the end of season since the season is still on-going and my friends can still catch up! 😛

Hope I can continue to maintain my form for the remaining games!

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