Caterpillar on Camera

In or booming and growing (well, sort of) house garden where it has also become natural habitats to many different kinds of animals, we have come across many of them, including birds (of many kinds), snakes, rodents, biawaks, butterflies, etc.

Thus, I was rather not surprised to find this colourful little caterpillar making itself comfortable in our garden too..:-D

I found caterpillars much easier subjects to focus because they are almost always stationery and the fact that they were out sunbathing in direct bright natural light is comforting news for the lenses.

Here are some shots taken with my Nikon P500 of our caterpillar:


Macro 4mm; 1/80s; f/3.4; ISO 160


Macro 4mm; 1/40s; f/3.4; ISO 160


Aperture; Focal length 71.7mm; 1/60s; f/5.6; ISO 360

Hmmm..I wonder if these are the ones that will eventually turn into butterflies? :-\

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