Nikon P500: Sample Images

After covering the usability and features of the Nikon Coolpix P500 in my earlier review, it’s time to put it to the test and check out what type of images it is capable of producing. So, here we go! These are some sample images taken with my Nikon P500 in various settings…

I’ll start off with the key feature of the P500 – it’s 36X zoom….The first photo is taken at its widest 22.5mm, and take note of the black circle pointed by the blue arrow, which is actually the water tank gauge. The following photo shows the water gauge after the maximum 810mm telephoto zoom. Impressive eh?

M; ISO 160; 1/30; f/3.5
M; ISO 160; 1/20; f/8

Next, we look at some of the P500’s macro shots. Instead of the typical flower macro shots, I have chosen these raindrops on my papaya trees as my subject.

M; ISO 160; 1/20; f/5.6
Close-Up; ISO 400; 1/40; f/3.7

Next, some experimental shot  to capture the sprinkling of rain of the top of my car. The image below was cropped 100% off a zoomed shot. Notice there isn’t much reduction of image quality in the zoomed shot, which is quite good!

M; ISO 160; 1/30; f/5.6

Moving on to shooting images in low-light, the following are some images taken at night….

Night Landscape; ISO 560; 1/30; f/5.2
P; ISO 160; 1/500; f/5.7
Night Landscape; ISO 500; 1/15; f/4.6

We now shift focus to outdoor shooting in good light conditions. The following photo was taken from my hotel room of Genting Highland’s Outdoor Theme Park. The subsequent photos will be various zooms of the first image on actions happening a couple of hundred yards away .

DSCN0630P; ISO 160; 1/1000; f/4.5

Superzoom in action…

P; ISO 160; 1/1500; f/8
P; ISO 160; 1/800; f/5.7
P; ISO 160; 1/800; f/5.7

And finally, some fun images taken with the image filtering stuff like miniature and fish-eye effects. The first image shows the Miniature effect of a night scene of the outdoor theme park.

Night Landscape; ISO 560; 1/25; f/5.1

…and this is an example of the Fish-Eye effect on an object taken.

P; ISO 400; 1/30; f/5.7







3 thoughts on “Nikon P500: Sample Images

  1. wah not bad at all wor….the zoom is impressive. 😉

    Argentinadog: yeah…that’s the fun of it…hehe. I liked the max zoom capture of the roller coaster in action because it was a moving target. :-)

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