Foursquare Badge Alert: Groundhog Day special!

Exclusive Foursquare Badge alert!

It’s Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania on 2 Feb, and they are kind enough to come out with one of the cutest 4Sq badges that can only be unlocked on that very day (Penn time, of course, ie. 13 hours behind Msian time (yes, I checked..))

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How do we unlock this (even though we’re thousands of miles away from Penn.)?

1. Simply Follow VisitPA from the Foursquare site.

2. Wait for Feb 2 to arrive (that’s tomorrow!). In Msian time, that’s from 1pm onwards tomorrow.

3. Check in anywhere and shout “Groundhog”

4. The cute badge is in your badge cabinet. 😀

Happy Groundhog Day and Happy Foursquaring!

One thought on “Foursquare Badge Alert: Groundhog Day special!

  1. hahahaha. okok gonna try this one. :p

    Argentinadog: Hehe….got the cute beaver? Now, ain’t you glad you followed my blog? :-p

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