Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Where Amazing (Doesn’t) Happens….

It took me a while to realise that ASTRO has stopped screening NBA matches for this season!! What injustice!!

….and I’m paying MORE on the sports package now?!!!!

Terribly upset that there was no announcements or warnings…the entire NBA line-up was just yanked off the air! Sure, Astro has thrown in another Sports channel….to show what? More football matches. Seriously, they are milking the football cow high and dry.

I managed to browse through the Astro site for any faint signs that NBA was still there and came across this table found in the ESPN HD (Astro Byond) page…

What a JOKE! Last time I checked my calendar, we’re already in November 2010, right?!!

C’mon Astro….you gotta be man enough to inform your customers when major changes occur or when some shows are not screened anymore. I’m sure even though NBA does not have a strong following as football, it should rank way up there amongst popular sports on Astro like F1 and Golf.

I dare Astro to show me stats that NHL has a bigger popularity in Malaysia! :-p

It is only in the NBA where amazing happens.

In Astro, it’s only NBA – No Basketball Already…

Sad. :-(