Managing Fantasies

I must admit whilst I have an account on FB, I am never a farmer, a cafe owner, fisherman, a mafia, a jewel blitzer, poker player, test takers, etc. Strangely enough, those game apps does not appeal to me. I guess I am more of a word-puzzle kinda guy. And I guess it’s true that there is surely some app on FB for everyone.

I used to play those word game apps like Twirl and Wordtwist, and is now regularly playing Scrabble, but all these games simply do not conjure up that kind of addiction of the more popular games on FB…that was until I was introduced to the world of fantasy football management…

Given 150 million pounds to form a squad of 15 players, I managed my squad of fantasy players and pit them against my friends or teams from all over the world! The most exciting part of this app is the weekly trades where I can trade up to 2 players after every matchday. The value of the players do go up and down depending on their real performance – hence providing some strategy in play of buying and selling players, netting higher profit, playing non-injured players, etc. , all in the sake of scoring more points during the next matchday. Inexperience cost me some dear points early on but I’m slowly getting the hang of this addictive game.

If I was following BPL closely before I started playing this game, I am forced to follow it even more closely now – checking on other matches that may not involve Man U, following up on injury news, trending team forms, forecasting next few matches. Whew!

Then, a couple weeks back, about a day or two before the new NBA season tipped off, I stumbled upon the FB fantasy app for this too, called Salary Cap NBA. Similar to the football version, I am given USD 100 million to buy 8 players and manage them. NBA is another sport which I follow very closely so with glee (see, addicted already) and least hesitation, I signed up my starting 8: Dirk, Melo, Arenas, Kristic, Kirilenko, Delfino, Zyrundas and Devin. It wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th day when I realised my team wasn’t scoring a lot of points…only then did I realise that Fantasy Basketball has one significant difference compared to Fantasy Football – we can trade 2 players DAILY! Also, I didn’t realise some of my initial players were already on the crock list! Sigh.

Yeah, it kinda makes sense since the teams play almost every other day. Challenge was to make quick trades to ensure my team has players for the match day to score points. After some days of analysing and tinkering, I think I’m getting the hang (and addiction) to this too.

At present, I am in the top 6% from a pool of 520,ooo+ teams for FB Football Fantasy and top 1% of 153,000+ teams in Basketball Fantasy. Wee! Now the challenge is to improve or maintain the position for the rest of the season…:-P

Are you addicted to managing fantasy sports teams too? Care to share some tips? :-)

One thought on “Managing Fantasies

  1. fuh-yoh! virtual team manager, and top 1% at that. so, future msian-based MU manager in the making?

    Argentinadog: no-lah…top1% is for NBA….hehe..:-P

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