Daily Archives: November 4, 2010


Yeah!! I crossed the 500pt chasm in FB scrabble again…only my second career 500+ game in 48 tries so far…. 😀 My maiden success gave me a 505 score.

Thanks to my sister who played out this lengthy and engaging match…I think we completed it like in a month…haha…

Anyway, the words that really helped me get across that golden finish line were..

ALBUMEN (79 pts)

DISLIKEN (94pts)

ZOO, JO (41pts)

QI, IT (23 pts), which put my total knocking on 499 pts, and with me taking the two remaining tiels worth 2 pts from my sis, giving me a total of 501..

I was surprised I managed to hit 500pts with only 2 bingos. Well, there goes my theory that I’d need to hit 3 bingos to stand a chance at any 500 game. :-p

Woo hoo!