Dingling Professional Hair Clipper (RF-609)


If you have kids who are just terrified of barbers (like mine!), then this may be just the tool for you!

After checking out some of the models Philips has to offer, we decided to check out other models, preferably one that is wireless for ease of use. My wife spotted this hair care shop called Image Hair Care in Jusco Cheras Selatan and was pleasantly surprised to see that it sells a wide variety of professional hair care stuff! It is located on on the First Floor (Lot no. F29).

The storekeeper recommended this hair clipping wonder by the brand of Dingling. The quirky name aside, the gadget is apparently made in Japan (although the names sounds like it’s made in China) and used by pros! It is fairly light weight and not too complicated to use. Best of all, it is a wireless gadget – just what we were looking for!

Inside the box, we found the main hair clipping tool, it’s charging station, small bottle of oil (for maintenance), and about 8 units of plastic combs of various lengths that can be easily detached and attached onto the clipper head, and the manual, of course.

After the first charge, we tried it out on our son and was glad to see that the gadget works really well. The detachable combs ensures the hair is cut systematically (but I guess this requires some practice too), and the main clipper head is all metal coated so it is EXTREMELY safe. For example, you could run it against your skin without fear of injury as the clippers are well concealed within the head.

zoom in view of the hair clipper head with a detachable comb

The clipper also comes with customisable speeds of the blade for those who want shorter or longer cuts. Again, I must stress these features are good but need some regular practice before one can perform it properly. Nevertheless, as a basic snipping tool to trim off the hair, it works just fine!

customisable speeds makes for more fun!

Price? The price tag shows RM239, but you should be able to easily bargain it down below RM 200. May be a little on the expensive side, but considering the hours of fun you can have at home with it, it’s sure a good buy in my books!


Wireless, quick charging, very safe, haircuts at home has never been so fun!Pricey compared to cheaper wired models

Overall Rating:

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