Daily Archives: September 29, 2010

Gold Coast gems

Many people have heard of Gold Coast, but I’d bet not many people know of a Gold Coast in Malaysia!

Yeah, it is one of those hidden gems we have that is not widely publicised. Located in Bagan Lalang in Sepang, just off the PD beaches is this area called Gold Coast Sepang, that is surrounded by a few beach hotels and villas. It is not too far off from KL, about an hour’s plus drive but most parts of the journey would be through kampung roads.

The area itself is truly beautiful. Nature just seems to jump at you there. The sand, the trees, the breeze, … however, I did noticed the sea looked rather murky. Too bad this is one area that money cannot help change…well, not yet anyway. Apart from that, it is indeed a haven for photographers as it has lots of nice spots and natural lighting.

During a recent family outing there, we intended to survey the area see if it was suitable for our free family portraiture photoshoot with Two Pixels Photography next month. We also managed to check out the new resort there – Golden Palm Tree, which was really classy. Imagine, you’d need to hop on to a golf buggy to take you to you water chalet! The rates were pretty exorbitant too, the cheapest were in the region of RM 650+ per pax per night. Good thing was that everyone was allowed to go into the resort compounds to take photos without any fee. Whew!

Anyway, all in all, it was a pretty good outing. Everyone had fun, especially Collin who couldn’t stop running on the nicely cropped grass in the resort grounds. I think this would be a really great place for the photo shoot. Can’t wait for it. :-)

Here are some of the ‘amateur’ shots that I took of Gold Coast Sepang: