Bowled Over


Have you heard of Sushi King’s Big Bowl Noodles Challenge?

If you can completely finish (both noodle and soup) of the big bowl of noodles (approx 5 standard portions) within 10 minutes, you would have stuffed your belly for free! if you fail, you’d need to pay the normal price, like RM 40..

Was seriously tempted to take the challenge the other day when we were in Sushi King, but in the end I chickened out. Haha. Perhaps I would have stood a better chance at least a decade ago..:-P

Besides, looking at the picture, it does look like the bowl of noodles filled with only some vege and half an egg cannot be worth RM40, can it?!!

Before leaving the restaurant, I casually asked if anyone had tried the challenge. The person at the counter said that so far there were seven people who have attempted, and only ONE survived the challenge…gasp.. He also pointed out it was usually the huge volume of SOUP that did it in. Most people would be able to slurp down the noodles very quickly, but the BIG BOWL of soup is the real ‘unseen’ challenge.

So, for those of you who want to take up the challenge (this year or the years to come), my tip would be to practice gulping down huge amounts of soup in one sitting first..:-D

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