Daily Archives: September 9, 2010

Irresponsible Parents or Indisciplined Children?

Sometimes I wonder if it is a case of indisciplined children or irresponsible parents?

We were recently in McDonald’s for dinner. After I had my Big Mac, I took the kids to the play-area where they have a simple and basic step-up slide with turnable tic-tac-toe panels and bubble windows. Whilst I carried Caitlynn and watched from afar, Collin went ahead and played with the other kids. There were about 8 of them at that time. Strangely enough, there was only one other parent in the room with me when the signboard clearly calls for adult supervision for children below 12. hmmm.

Anyway, chaos entered the play-area shortly in the form of two kids, a boy (around age 5) and a girl (around 4). They just played as if they entire play-are belonged to them – shoving their way through the pack of other kids, sliding down the side rails of the slide, etc. It was a disaster just waiting to happen.

Unfortunately, it happened to Collin…

Collin was slowly climbing up the steps and had just reached the middle platform when this girl ran from behind, shouted “Cepatlah!” and shoved my son from the back, causing him to fall face first onto the platform! The entire play-area suddenly became silent as Collin picked himself up and started to cry.

“WOI!!!” was my initial outburst as I stormed towards the incident. As I reached out to pick up Collin I stared at the girl and almost started spraying her with words manufactured from my raging heart. Thank God I managed to compose myself in time to remember she is still just a kid. So I managed to mutter something like please do not push when playing here. I wasn’t sure if she said ‘sorry’ or not as I quickly took Collin away to console him.

Thankfully, the bruise was not very major and he was back to his normal playful self within minutes. Not soon after that, the ‘twin terrors’ left the slide and started to play ‘kung-fu’ with the glass panel! It’s a wonder the structure didn’t crack nor did it trigger any alarm for the McDonald staff to come check. Anyway, both of them then left the play-area after that, much to the relief of the other kids, who could finally play in peace. 😀

Moments later, I tagged my wife into the play area as I went back to our table to finish up the food. There I noticed the ‘twin terrors’ were going down and under the chained barricade of the McD counter! After that, they sprinted back to the play-area. Timing was just nice too for me to signal my wife and kids to leave..

After this episode, I am utterly shocked at how indisciplined those kids were! However, I am even more shocked at how irresponsible the missing parents were!

What if Collin had been standing on the platform ledge when he was shoved? Or if he had fallen onto something sharp?

Isn’t it scary when parents do not supervise their kids anymore, especially the problematic ones. What’s scarier is that the violent girl bears a striking resemblance to another rude girl we saw in Marche some weeks back. The Marche girl was also shovy and rude, unsupervised and almost got into an argument with Ethan, my sister’s son. Could they be the same girl?!!

Now, if both of them are NOT the same person, it would mean there are at least two of such ‘dangerous’ kids around – making play-areas less safe..:-(