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Untouched and Gone..

Do you know that your Touch N Go cards will expire in 10 years?!

If you are holding one and need to check the expiry date, simply click on the image above and do a quick check. And if you find out that your card is about to expire, DON’T rush out to get it upgraded! Read on my terrible customer experience with TNG before you do so. I will also give some tips on what you SHOULD do..

The other day, I was topping up my TNG card at a petrol station when I found out that mine will expire in early Oct 2010! Since I have quite a sum of money stored in it, I would logically have to upgrade to the newer card before my old card is terminated, together with all the money in it, right?

If I had only known how DIFFICULT it would be to get the card upgraded!

My first stop took me to the Sungai Balak TNG Customer and Service centre. This is an office that is located next to the toll – about 3 levels of office, plenty of car park, shiny glass building, nice sliding front glass door, etc. – but to my horror, they were not able to upgrade my card!! The lobby was virtually empty, the security guard was seriously dozing off,and they had one huge counter with a lady behind it who told me they can only sell or top up TNG cards here…

Instead, I was directed to my second stop, that is the PLUS station at teh Kajang toll exit, where the building was easily 1/10 of the Sg Balak building, the office door was small and squeaky, and they had one counter where the distance from the counter to the door was about 5 persons in length – which was about the queue I grudgingly went into.

When I finally reached the counter, I was made to fill up TWO forms to get my card upgraded: 1. Borong Aduan (?!!) which had the option for me to tick Card Upgrade, and 2. New TNG application form (?!). What bummed me up was the mucho mucho details that was required to be filled up in both the forms! Seems pretty unnecesarry stuff to fill up for JUST AN UPGRADE! Sigh.

Anyway, at the end of it all, I also had to pay RM10 for the new card, and my balance form the old card was successfully transferred over. Whew.

Lesson Points for TNG:

1. Why can’t the upgrade exercise be made less painful for your customers? If it only involves changing of the card and transferring the balance, the service can be easily provided at ALL petrol kiosks or even at some convenience stores!

2. Why are big buildings not fully utilised to perform key operations? Is the size for aesthetic reasons? Sounds so similar to the huge JPN building in Putrajaya that cannot do passport renewals.:-P

3. Why are we being charged to upgrade to a new card?

4. Can we have better looking card patterns in TNG stations?

My tip for those of you holding TNG cards:

Check for the expiry date. If it is really soon and you do not have a lot of money stashed inside, plan and use up the amount in it before it expires. Then, simply go and BUY a new card at any petrol kiosks or convenience stores. You can get MUCH better designs there – and it’s much simpler too! Definitely less hassle! I heard some places are also giving it away for free…