Aqua Doodle

Last Christmas, I was seriously hunting around for a ‘huge’ doodle set for Collin, but was rather disappointed that biggest sizes they usually came in is still quite small! Of course, I wasn’t looking for one with the size of a wall, but something bigger would be nice, you know…

Anyway, that was before I came across this unique toy called ‘Aqua Doodle’. What immediately caught my eye was the gigiantic 54X54cm drawing board! It is marketed as a doodle that is safe, no weird chemicals, etc. Just what I needed!

Upon unboxing it, I found just two main components – the drawing mat and the drawing pen. What makes Aqua Doodle special is that unlike other conventional doodles, it uses a ‘cloth’ mat as the drawing board! Confused yet? You see, the mat is typically made up of two sheets – the base which is water proof and also smartly coloured, and the front which is a cloth and also where all the drawing action will be. Unlike conventional doodles where the pen is using magentic properties to create the drawing path, Aqua Doodle uses the simple technology of a pen with a sponged tip. Simple add water into the pen casing and you are ready to draw!

Just like when you put water onto cloth, the cloth gets wet, when the ‘water-filled’ pen is drawn on the cloth (with colored-backing), the cloth is turned wet and coloured backing outlines the drawing. Ingenius.

Only downside to this ‘old school’ technology is that I had to wait for a few minutes for the drawings to dry up before the board or drawing cloth is clean again…of course, it’s good to note that it DOES dry up quite fast. Whew. Also, since the ‘pen’ is basically a wet cloth, be prepared when the child decides to wet other stuff around the house (other than the drawing cloth…)

Having a huge piece of cloth to draw also opens up more creativity such as wetting the hands and feet and printing all over the sheet. Kewl. or cutting up patterns and printing them on the sheet. :-) And since it only weighs like 1/10 of a typical doodle set, it can very easily be rolled and carried around. Excellent mobility. In addition, I just found out recently they also have two other variants – a super duper much larger sized drawing sheet! (whoa!) and another one which comes with a ‘dual-screen’ that can be folded nicely to become a travel suitcase. Neat!

For a price of RM40-50, I would certainly recommend this toy to any parent looking for a doodle set.

Aqua Doodle
Just add water and draw! Really, really safe!
Big drawing space for hand and feet printings too! But waiting time for drawing to dry and disappear may require some patience
Simple...definitely not rocket science!
Just roll up the drawing mat and carry it wherever you want! Light and handy
Current retail is Rm49. May be steep for such simiple technology, but that's what makes it innovative!
Superb innovation on simple technology!
Innovative and safe doodle set that is safe and also offers plenty of creativity for the child

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