Tappers Cafe (Bangsar South)

We were doing some weekend shopping in Bangsar South during one of the weekends when we chanced upon this restaurant called Tappers Cafe. Since the restaurant was new to us, we didn’t have much expectations when we decided to try it out.

At first glance, it looked like another ‘kopi-tiam’ wannabe, with a menu selection of classic local favourites like toasted bread, half-boiled eggs, etc. The cafe was also decorated quite nicely with photographs of old Perak tin mines. Strange though as I would have expected some photos of rubber tappers…heh.

Anyway, I also kinda liked the soft rattan chairs which gave it a very ‘easy and cosy evening’ type of feel.

In terms of food, we went for their western offerings – trying out the fish and chips as well as the hainanese chicken chop. The chicken chop, especially was really well cooked and rather tasty, considering it was an oriental-style of saucing up the chicken (with tomato-like gravy). They were also quite generous with the potatos that complemented the main dishes.

the yummylicious hainanese chicken chop
nicely cooked fish and chips

I couldn’t resist ordering the ‘goo leng peng’ (sirap bandung) too. Nice and refreshing! Ahhh

just like the classic fav!

A quick glance at their menu shows the prices at Tappers to be quite reasonable, around RM 10 for a western ala carte; which was surprisingly cheap in Bangsar area! Even the typical breakfast favourites like the toasted bread and half boiled eggs is below RM 5, and relatively cheaper compared to the Old Towns and the Uncle Lims.

Definitely value for money with excellent food and decent service!






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