Daily Archives: January 13, 2010

Menu of the Month

With so many tragic episodes happening around the world of late, I guess ‘violence’ has got to be the flavour of the month. Thus, I present here the Menu of the Month as a quick recap of last week’s violent madness!


Menu of the Month: Violence

NBC Late-Night Shuffle Salad

(An American classic that is sure to fire up your appetite for the rest of the evening. Cold vege and sour fruits laced with twisted actions of complicating two of its main ingredients, Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno. Possible third topping in Jimmy Fallon may force this dish to be served only after midnight.)

Soup of the Day:
Cream of Wild Arson

(A traditional soup with heritage links to the middle-east and is known for its spiritual values. In Malaysia, this dish has been adapted to its local flavours of wild arsonists torching churches everywhere following a High Courts ruling to allow the word ‘Allah’ to be used in a Catholic publication. Word of advise to stir the soup gently as it could get hotter…)

Main Course:
African Ambush

(An exotic delicacy that defines ‘violence’ in an extreme manner. The Togo football team was ambushed when they arrived in Angola for the Africa Cup of Nations. Tragically, the attack left 3 dead and many others wounded. The team has since left the tournament. Can’t football be spared from this madness?! What is the world turning to?!)

Chinese Scrambled Pancakes

(Local Chinese favourite that should leave everyone talking and squabbling for eternity without any resolutions. Affectionally also known as the MCA Crisis, it is shocking to see this party still not being able to recover from the shock of the last GE results.)

Bon Appetit!

Special only for this month: FREE FLOW of house drink….Molotov Cocktail!!


Wait a minute…we’ve not even crossed mid-Jan yet!! Hope we can still change the menu!!