Putrajaya Lakehouse Club

Category: Restaurants
Cuisine: Asian
Location: Precinct 8, Putrajaya

Specialty: Malay-styled cooking
Average Price Range: RM 10 – 15 per person; buffet about RM 30 pax available upon request


This place scores the highest points in terms of ambience and architecture. It is a lakehouse club after all, but the way the entire clubhouse was designed was just marvelous. It was like stepping onto a huge boat, complete with secondary decks (reserved dining restaurant for members), mast like structure where one can climb up to see the beautiful Putrajaya lakeview (not a stunt for the problematic hearted..), basement galley where they store the boats and a rowing gym. Even the railings along the main cafe and restaurant is like what you get on a boat! Looking up the ceiling, you can see that painstaking detail has been included to make it really look like a boat!…

OK ok, shall move away from the physical design and on with the food. Although this place serves the typical malay styled ala carte meals (nasi goreng paprik, kung fu koay teow, etc.), the quality of the food is quite exceptional. A colleague told me that he once tried the buffet buka puasa during the month of Ramadhan and the food (although quite a limited spread) was excellent.

That night, what I tried was their dishes –  buttered prawns (fantastic!), mutton kurma (still dreamin’ of it), mixed vege (not bad), deep-fried chicken with onion rings (quite good actually!), fried beehoon (typical, but quite spicy), steamed fish (smelled and tasted quite fishy..) and dessert (mango pudding and fruits). Overall, the food were really tasty the only thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the poor service of refilling our drinks. Although they only had like less than 5 tables to serve that night!

Great place for a nice romantic or family meal on a “boat” and the night could be completed with the optional stroll along the deck like edges of the boat. The lakeside view of Putrajaya is sure to take your breath away too. This place would have gotten my full 5 stars if not for the poor service given. But with great cookin’ and view to boot, the place is truly highly recommended.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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